I’ve been mulling over my own aspect theories. This is a very rough outline (and some of the spaces aren’t 100% accurate) but it’s good enough for my explanation. The closer the aspects are on the chart ,the more similar they are, and the closer they are to one of the four ‘pure’ aspects, or so I call them, the more they relate to one of the four corners. An aspect’s “opposite” lies on the opposite side of the circle… yeah, you get the picture.

To explain it in other terms, in my mind there are four ‘quadrants’ of the aspects. Heart aspects deal with ‘feeling’ or intuition and that includes Light, Heart and Space. Diamond aspects deal with ‘form’ or organization (specifically of team members), and those aspects are Breath, Life and Blood. Spades deal with fighting for something and those are Hope, Doom and Rage. The final quadrant, the Clover, includes Void, Mind and Time and they deal exclusively with function. I think of them as the ones who get stuff done or have the potential to get the most stuff done. Obviously some of them go outside of their quadrant and some encompass all four in some ways, but this helps me remember them.

  • Light: Fortune, Knowledge, Being
  • Breath: Being, Fortune, Alliances
  • Life: Knowledge, Alliances, Others
  • Blood: Others, Alliances, Judgement
  • Mind: Others, Judgement, Manipulation
  • Time: Alliances, Manipulation, Duty
  • Void: Obscurity, Manipulation, Duty
  • Hope: Manipulation, Duty, Emotion
  • Doom: Manipulation, Soul, Emotion
  • Rage: Emotion, Self, Soul
  • Heart: Emotion, Soul, Being
  • Space: Soul, Knowledge, Being

I have in-comic examples for most of (if not all) of these, so let me know if you have any questions. >w<

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